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The meaning of colors in flowers

– Blue: Mystery, achievement of the impossible, freedom and openness. burgundy: beauty
– Coral or Orange: desire, passion
– Light pink: gratitude
– Lavender (purple): Love at first sight
– Soft pink: admiration, sympathy, complete happiness.
– Pink: grace – Red: love, passion, thank you, congratulations.
– White: Innocence, purity, mystery, reverence and humility; Brides use this color pink in their wedding bouquets because it means their connection will last a lifetime.
– Yellow: friendship, dying love or platonic love.
– In German-speaking countries: jealousy, infidelity.
– Black: hate, death or despair. In film and art, they symbolize feelings of mystery, danger, or some kind of darker emotion like sadness or obsessive love.

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